A Message from the Managing Director


Thanks to you – our donors, partners and communities – the Love Foundation which started as a dream in 2014 has exceeded expectations. With seed funding from the United States Embassy we were able to start our first outreach into the communities located on South Side Belize City. Two hundred and fifty children ages 8-13 joined the Media Arts Academy where they learned the importance of communication to resolve conflicts, participated in civic enrichment activities and took pride in keeping their communities and neighborhoods clean and safe,  and developed a renewed love for learning.

As the years progressed we strengthened our financial position through generous donations from private and corporate donors throughout Belize which allowed us to increase program offerings allowing us to concentrate our efforts to empower women, girls and disadvantaged youth by giving them the tools they need to improve the quality  of life and move towards economic self-sufficiency.

To date there are 1,246 children ages 8-13 registered in our Media Arts Academy After School Program. One hundred and fifty seven young women ages 14-29 are now gainfully employed after successfully completing the Love Foundation’s LEAP (Learning Earning And Parenting) Academy.  Twenty nine youth are recipients of Love Foundation Educational Scholarships, Text Book and Uniform Scholarships. Our partnership with Belize Electricity Limited, Cisco Construction, Kolbe Foundation and the National Emergency Management Organization allowed us to provide two needy families with a much needed home.

The generosity of Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, Universal Belize, Mr. Kenny Vanjani and Unicomer Belize has allowed us to provide 800 special needs children in the Corozal District, Belmopan, Belize City and San Ignacio with an annual Christmas Party as well as a float in the Corozal Christmas Parade specifically designed for those children of diverse abilities. Our goal is inclusion and we aim to educate our communities to understand and value those who are different abled.

We have come a long way in four years and we are most proud that we have built a Foundation that is having a positive impact on our country. We are passionate about our work but at the same time we are data driven, we believe that it is this combination that enables us to create cutting edge, innovative programming leading our team to discover the most promising and sustainable solutions.

On behalf of all of us at  The Love Foundation, we thank you for your commitment and support and for sharing our vision of Transforming  lives with Love!



            Whether you’d like to establish a donor-advised fund, explore other vehicles for charitable giving or discover ways to make an impact in the country of Belize, our experienced staff can help you navigate the process.


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Deborah Sewell
Managing Director
Office: 011-501-822-3577 or +501-822-3577
Cell: 011-501-671-1272 or +501-671-1272

Email: dsewell@lovefoundationbelize.org