About our Programs

The Love Foundation projects fundamentally define and solidify the organization and its work. Projects are multi-dimensional in that they integrate with all other aspects of the organization’s work including action, community building and relationship building. Projects provide opportunities to build a relationship with beneficiaries and stakeholders as well.

Projects also contribute to build Love Foundation’s identity as an organization that is intensely local and is poised to become well-known in the diaspora community. Projects are rooted at the local level, taking their shape from contributing to the local context. We engage in projects that contribute directly to nation building, community and personal empowerment.

The aim of Love Foundation’s educational work is to provide opportunities for academic success through our fun and engaging Media Arts Academy After School Program. The Media Arts Academy Invest in Kids primary school model is a robust design that caters to the “whole child” from Infant I-Std. 3. Beyond STEM learning, it strives to integrate literacy into all instruction and offers homework help, basic arts instruction, and physical activity, including nutritional programming to promote healthy living. Programs are offered three hours each day, five days per week in partnership with various elementary schools country wide.

The Media Arts Academy Invest in Kids middle school model, serves as a pathway to success for youth in Std. 4 – Std.6. Structured like clubs, the model offers young people a choice in how they spend their time; provides rigorous instruction in sports and arts; and requires youth leadership through service. The Country itself becomes a classroom through trips and opportunities for instruction beyond a traditional learning setting. Programs are offered three hours each day, five days per week.

Finally, the Media Arts Academy Invest in Kids Transition to High School Program (THS) is designed to help incoming high school (Form I) students navigate their new surroundings with targeted academic and social and emotional supports, and advocacy within the school community. Research shows that when freshmen get off track, they are more likely to drop out than finish high school. Program hours are specific to each school.

Through a continuum of programming we help our young people achieve success in their education and motivate them to become lifelong learners beyond school!