Empowering Communities To Empower Themselves

According to a UNICEF report (MICS5 Report) released in 2017, almost half of Belizean children live under multidimensional poverty. As of the 2017 report, only 55% of children currently had access to quality early childhood education. While almost all of Belize’s children attend primary school, many are not moving on to high school. Statistics had proven that only 63% of our girls and 57% of the boys were in secondary school.

As stated by the UN, the pandemic is deepening the education crisis and widening existing educational inequalities. With trying to adapt to our new way of life due to COVID-19 and the challenges it presents, there is no doubt that children living in disadvantaged communities are particularly at risk of educational exclusion. In a country where regular in-class education is not free and is inaccessible by many due to financial restraints, online learning becomes even more burdensome.

The above is what motivates the Love Foundation to advocate for our under-resourced communities and hence, the conception of the ‘Laptop & Tablet Drive.’ Southside Belize City presents the highest concentration of financial instability, therefore our mission is to equip as many households in the area as possible with a device that aids children in online learning.

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Empowering Communities To Empower Themselves

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Empowering Communities To Empower Themselves

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Empowering Communities To Empower Themselves

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Empowering Communities To Empower Themselves

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“We were excited to collaborate with the Love Foundation Belize to help enable educational development and success for individuals through our annual agenda sales. Thank you to everyone who supported this effort, our donations made annually can only be possible with the constant support from you all. Learn more at Love Foundation Belize at” – John Gillett, Operations Manager, The Angelus Press Limited