Community Outreach

The Love Foundation engages in a variety of community outreach activities that help young people and their families reach their full potential outside of our signature Media Arts Academy and LEAP Academy. By providing youth and their families with opportunities to build social skills through civic responsibility and volunteerism; engage in career and professional development workshops and build on entrepreneurial skills. We have assisted families to become self sufficient by providing mentors and resources to build on their skills whereby creating opportunities for gainful employment leading to healthy, sustainable crime free lifestyles.

Our community outreach includes assistance to special needs children, housebuilding projects for the needed, holiday celebrations with needy families, capacity building trainings and workshops for teachers, social workers and other caregivers, parenting workshops, response to national disasters, educational support to those who are most needy, provision of free airtime for the promotion of fundraising activities for religious organizations, non governmental organizations, advocacy groups and grass roots organizations.

We invite you to contact us to find out more about how you can be involved in Transforming Lives with Love.